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    This is my first robotic project. Currently I am a student, studying advertising/illustration/design. I have no education nor much experience with electronic or engineering. My only knowledge and experience is a general interest of the subjects. However, I hope I'll manage to create an cheap and fully working robot. I also hope that other people will be able to create their own robot from the materials I upload to my site.

     Current status of project:

  •  Planning and drawing
  •  » Buying materials and tools
  •  » Construction of hexapod body
  •  Installing of electronic equipment
  •  Programming the OOPic
  •  Initial testing
  •  Debugging of electronical and mechanical functions
  •  Further development
    You can contact me for questions, suggestions other feedback at SirThomas@earthdome.com. If anyone makes their own project based on my project I'd be very glad to hear about it and even more glad if I got to see pictures of it.

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