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    As the development proceeds I'll upload the plans, drawings and pictures to the site. When I'm done, I hope to have a full working plan on how to build a hexapod. Below I've added a list of the materials and tools needed for construction of this robot project.
  • A 1,0mm - 1,5mm Aluminium-sheet
  • OOPic micro controler
  • 4 Standard RC servos
  • Infrared LEDs and phototransistors
  • Resistors (1x 270W and 1x 10KW per pair of LEDs and phototransistors)
  • Ultrasonic sensor (Ultra Sonic Range Finder SRF04)
  • Computer with parallel port (For programming of the OOPic)
  • Plate shears
  • Hack saw
  • Other tools you find useful cutting in metal...
  • Loctite (glue)

    The main question and problem was to figure out how to create a walking system for the hexapod that wasn't too complicated and expensive. I searched the internet for different solution. I found the leg design of a robot (Scorpion) found at www.battlebots.com to be useful. Then I had to convert that walking system from a hydraulic controlled system to a servo controlled system. In order to save space, money and current usage I had to figure out how I could manage to control the six legs with as few servos as possible.

/:/ Click to download the origial drawing. [You will be brought to the 'Drawings' page where you can select the appropriate for you. ] /:/

    Above is the layout of the walking system I came out with after some time browsing on the internet and some time drawing in Illustrator.
    As you can see there are 4 servos. 2 servos control their each side of the leg. One servo moves the legs forward and backwards. The other one pushes the middle leg up and down. This allows a semi-independent control of the legs.
    I'll create a flash animation witch I'll upload here to illustrate how it will walk.

    /:/ Click to download the origial drawing. [You will be brought to the 'Drawings' page where you can select the appropriate for you. ] /:/ The leg consists of two sections. One inner and one outer. The inner part moves the leg forward and backwards. The outer moves the leg up and down, note: that's only valid for the middle legs, the forth and rear legs do not have this optiton of mobility due to the fact that it's not necessary.

    NOTE: Site and robot under development. Text and pictures will be updatet. I'll make the text and pictures easier to understand.
    I'm planning to use flash animation to show how the robot it put together, but for now I'll be concentrating my work on building the 'bot.