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  1. awesome! Amazing job :)
  2. saw this site on boingboing
    very lovely, looks better than the professionals work
  3. Reminds me of my grandad's Ford Prefect eggshell green. Deserve's a first well done.
  4. Man, I love it.

    Great aesthetic, and you did a really nice job putting it together.

    I AM a fan of retro stuff, and I think that if I PC manufacturer were to make such a great case, it would be superb.

    The only thing that's difficult to tell from your photos is scale. How tall is this?
  5. Dimensions are 123x250x277. You find them on the last CG render on this page and in the Sketches page there an illustration comparing it to a CD: []
  6. Red LED for power would have went better. Everyone gravitates to blue LEDs because they're "new", but red would have fit the '50s tailfin motif better.

  7. This is a remarkable achievement. What I like most is how it reminds me of my first car, a 1960 Buick convertible. (Though it looks a lot like the retro-T-Bird, I never owned one of those.) The '57 Chevy and '59 Cadillac used tail fins and they might look nice if you ever do another enclosure like this one. I also like the fake exhaust ports coming out of the front quarter panels of the old Buicks. I suppose good hard look at all of Harley Earl's designs might be indicated.
  8. Thanks for all the nice comments. Glad you like it.

    Too bad I don't have the machinery available to make another project. I enjoyed this allot.

    @Bubba: The blue LED wasn't chosen due to it's "new-ness", but rather that I felt the colour fit better than having a contrasting red or yellow. But I see where you are coming from. There's allot of blue lights being used. Especially them ultra bright ones. My main computer have two of them on the case and they actually manages to illuminate the room rather well by them self. I had to put some black electric tape over them because they where so annoyingly bright.
  9. I would purchase this in a heartbeat, absolutely gorgeous. Great job, and thanks for including the step by step on your manufacturing process. Very fascinating!
  10. I absolutely love this. You should try making these yourself in limited numbers. You could take pre-orders, then send the finished products to the people that pre-ordered them.

    I would buy one immediately, I'll tell you that. I would use it with a vintage telly from the '50s, too.
  11. Well...I've stumbled upon this gorgeous thing a bit late in the game. Is this available for purchase now?
  12. Like others have said, I'd buy this in an instant. Gorgeous job, I wish people still used design aesthetics from the 1950's for today's cars and gadgets. Why can't things be both good looking and functional? Great job combining the two.
  13. Good post. Thanks
  14. Testing 1 2 3

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