Sorry, but...

I created some mockup graphics for a user interface to match the Mini Media Centre. However, I am not satisfied with the concept I handed in for my final major so I want to create some new graphics before I post anything here.


  1. Your Mini Media Center is the most beautiful design I've seen in a very long time. ...I'm speechless... I'm envious...I want one.
  2. Wow, nice design. As for selling the idea, go for the money. Find a way to make them as home easily. Construct a website, put a 28 day delivery time on it. Get an order, make them. Then when they actually take off you have enough money to get bigger.
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  5. As long as the internals are x86-type commodity hardware, you might consider MythTV, possibly designing your own custom theme for the interface.
  6. wow, that is an stunningly elegant case design. kudos to you for such beautiful work. i certainly hope that you can arrange to make this commercially available someday.
  7. I'd suggest Boxee or XBMC for the interface - you can create a very good skin for either fairly easily.

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